Nature's Gardeners

Crossing Paths

I was visiting a Garden Centre to enjoy a beverage in blooming fragrant surroundings.
On route to the plants, I passed by new arrivals. Well, it was an instant love bond at first lick.
This tiny kitten (baby rabbit) was an adventurer like myself, and very warm hearted. All the while I was sipping and savouring my mango tea, I couldn't get him out of my head. I turned to my friend and said "You know what, I think our family just grew larger!" He knew it. Thankfully we were united and in full agreement.
We would take not one but the two kittens in the pen, as they seemed an item. Four of us left the Centre that Sunday ready to embrace our new life together, and we have never looked back!

Hello, my name
is Indigo. I am a
Rabbit Guardian.

Welcome to our
natural world...

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