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Vintage Cinema Theatre with Velvet Seats edited in Photoshop to show empty seats

Creating a Film Short with Edited Sound Clip for a Webpage Insertion ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

LIGHTS, CAMERA AND ... ACTION! I am rather nostalgic when I explore the origins of sound and film. Without them we would not be where we are today in the Digital World.

Here is my film short of the 2017 Dublin City Marathon. I aimed to capture the spirit of this public event with a personal project which engages the community year after year in all weathers. This year we were blessed with the best day ever.I created a widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) as a dedication to all the athletes and supporters who came together on October 29th 2017. The random shots originally taken on a digital camera, were edited in a software programme called "Movie Maker". I enjoy this process - it's a great way to treasure memories.

In there, I matched it to a musical score. Gone are the days of Silent Movies and negatives on the floor.

This copyrighted video uses a tint deliberately to focus our attention on many emotions of these athletes. The Source for the Block Quote is:

The "Photoshop" film strip effect modifies original images - I added effects to make unrecognizable facial features as well as jersey numbers indistinguishable. Also did this for the public screenshot.

©Indigo-2017-Ornate scroll of film as embellishment

You can photograph anybody who's in public view and doing anything not considered private. People on sidewalks, parks, beaches and other public spaces are considered a subject of legal photography.

Creating an Edited Sound Clip for a Webpage Insertion ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

THIS FIRST AUDIO clip "Marathon Supporter Interview" (00:58) started life in Stephen's Green Park by the fountain in Dublin City. It was a spontaneous interview recorded on a tablet using the software app "Easy Voice Recorder". I downloaded an Android app from: I emailed the data to my desktop. The supporter gave permission to publish this compressed audio file. The 'audio technician' and 'theatre' images are creative commons license.

THIS SECOND AUDIO clip file "The Great One Step" (04:31) is from an old time historic genre, by Victor Dance Orchestra. Recognise that antique phonograph sound? I have a sense of humour so bear with me for this literal choice. I downloaded this character piece from "". This is licensed under a Public Domain Mark 1.0.

"Audacity" was the free open source software programme that allowed me to shorten the original track to play for 1 minute 5 seconds as a tantalizing taster! I emended its waveforms in much the same way I edit text in a word-processing document. The audio styling is my own.